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The SIOR Center for Career Advancement’s (CCA) designation course, Core Components of Commercial Brokerage, provides the industry’s best training program to learn the fundamentals of commercial real estate and enhance your professional skills from seasoned practitioners.

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Education Requirement

All SIOR Applicants must complete the education requirement as part of the overall admissions requirement. The class offered at the SIOR CCA Course Core Components of Commercial Brokerage fulfill this requirement.

Mandatory Classes

  • Construction & Development +/-

    Delve into site development, electrical systems, mechanical systems, contract terminology, and construction scheduling. This course module is designed for participants with a basic understanding of construction. Explore the creation of a building from the ground up as well as gain an understanding of the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) program through case studies.

    Instructor:Donald Ossey, SIOR

    Upcoming Dates:
    September 15, 2014  - Dallas, TX

  • SIOR Ethics & Professional Standards +/-

    Meet the SIOR ethics education requirement while learning more about SIOR’s ethics, mediation, and arbitration practices. This class provides a broad understanding of the generalities in real estate ethics and professional standards as well as completes NAR’s REALTOR Quadrennial Ethics Training Requirement.

    Instructors: C. Robert Percival II, SIOR, CPM and William Burgess, SIOR, CCIM

    Upcoming Dates:
    September 15, 2014 - Dallas, TX

  • Understanding the Lease Agreement +/-

    Gain valuable insight into lease agreements by reviewing commercial lease clauses and their corresponding legal and business implications from the perspectives of a commercial real estate broker and a commercial real estate attorney. This course module focuses specifically on parties in a transaction, the lease negotiation process, lease types and clauses, and tenant and landlord rights.

    Instructors: J. Michael Boyd, SIOR, CRE, Andrew B. Zezas, SIOR, James A. Hochman, Esq.

    Upcoming Dates:
    September 16, 2014 - Dallas, TX

Elective Classes

  • Advanced Sales Skills +/-

    The material will take the professional from the historical concept of selling to learning Socratic selling. The broker will learn to “think outside the box” in terms of differentiating his/herself from the competition and develop long-term revenue producing relationships.

    Instructors: David C. Blanchard and Robert J. Nahigian, SIOR, CRE, FRICS, MCR

    Upcoming Dates:
    June 25, 2014  - Charlotte, NC
    September 17, 2014 - Dallas, TX

  • Build-to-Suit Development +/-

    Designed to assist real estate professionals in becoming more knowledgeable professionals in the areas of leasing, consulting, and development, students will learn how to maximize profits and analyze projects before a commitment is made, enabling you to “walk away” from a deal, if necessary, to eliminate a possible loss of money and time. This seminar is truly a course on “wealth building” and understanding speculative and build-to-suit development. Your skills in tenant and landlord representation, financial analysis, negotiations, and group dynamics will be challenged.

    Instructor: Robert J. Nahigian, SIOR, CRE, FRICS, MCR

    Upcoming Dates:
    There are no upcoming dates for this program.

  • Consolidating a Business & Marketing Strategy +/-
  • Introduction to Real Estate Investment & Finance

    Empower yourself by mastering the complexities of the financial aspects of real estate transactions. Learn how to read and interpret financial statements, decipher loan terminology and money rates, understand investor behaviors, and perform a variety of financial calculations that will enable you to better serve your clients.

    Instructors: Paul B. Kluck, SIOR, RPA and Garry Weiss, SIOR, CCIM

    Upcoming Dates:
    This class will be available three times in 2014.

  • Negotiation Skills

    Never hear “no” again! This course offers three phases of the negotiation process that can assist a broker with a commercial lease negotiation. Attend this seminar to refresh your knowledge of negotiation fundamentals and learn new tips and tricks to supplement your negotiation prowess.

    Instructors: William Burgess, SIOR, CCIM and Robert J. Nahigian, SIOR, CRE, FRICS, MCR

    Upcoming Dates:
    February 26, 2014 - Scottsdale, AZ
    June 25, 2014 - Charlotte, NC
    September 17, 2014 - Dallas, TX

  • Tenant & Landlord Representation

    Gain a dual perspective into the legal and ethical issues involved in tenant and landlord representation. Learn strategies for interacting with listing agents. Through role plays and discussion master the basics of tenant and landlord representation and dual agency and enhance your value as either a tenant representative or a listing broker.

    Instructor: C. Robert Percival, II, SIOR, CPM

    Upcoming Dates:
    There are not currently scheduled dates for this program.

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